GOAL:  Enhancing visibility of women in architecture and increasing their role in shaping the built environment of Nepal through network building, recognition of their contribution and supporting women into architecture.

Chairman Ar. Jharana Joshi
Co-Chairman Ar. Salina Sangachhen
Co-Ordinator Ar. Jeeta Gurung (Executive Member, SONA)

Ar. Manjari Shakya

Ar. Srijana Koirala

Ar. Swasti Bhattarai

Ar. Neelima Basnet

Ar. Rumi Singh Maharjan

Ar. Prapooja K C


Ar. Anju Malla Pradhan


SONA Committee on Women Architects
Goal To recognize, appreciate and motivate the contribution of Wome in Architecture. 
Objectives To identify and build a network among all the female professionals in architectural filed, from both public and private domain of the country, along with the architectural students and researchers. 

To recognize the contribution of the female architects to Nepalese Architecture and make necessary provisions to honor their contributions 
To motivate and provide necessary support to the  Professional Architects and aspiring female architects to expand their abilities.
Action Plan / Activities   Time Frame Resources and Assumptions Remarks
Create a database of women architects of the country with information on their current areas of involvement  Through out the year In collaboration with  Senior Architects and others.   
Provide a suitable networking platform (virtual) for putting their issues, concerns and ideas Through out the year    
To recognize and award female architects for their contribution in architecture practice and academia.  Through out the year    
Conducting regular trainings and workshops related with Women in Architecture.  Through out the year In collaboration with ARCASIA and further national organizations.   
Output/ Outcome        
Updated database of Female architects.   
Architecture Award for Women