I am humbled, honored, and privileged to have assumed the role of President of this prestigious institution "Society of Nepalese Architects" (SONA), in its 14th EC for the term of 2021 & 2022. I must thank all SONA members for this opportunity. I was fortunate to be active, by convening important events for SONA- to name a few:

1. SAARCH Conference in 2002 under President Ar. Devendra Nath Dongal .

2. 17th ARCASIA Forum & 34th Council Meeting in 2013 under     President Ar. Swarup Gurung Koney.

3. 14th SAARCH Assembly and Council Meeting in 2016 under President Ar. Kishore Thapa.

4. 38th ARCASIA Council Meeting in 2017 under President Ar. Suman Nanda Vaidya.

5. National Architecture Conference in 2019 under President Ar. Anju Malla Pradhan.

I am profoundly grateful to my forerunner, Ar. Anju Malla Pradhan, and the members of the 13th Executive Committee for their outstanding contributions to SONA. I am invigorated by their commitment and accomplishments to SONA. Certainly, the growth of SONA has only been possible due to the mutual efforts of all the past Presidents and Executive Committee Members. I look forward to continuing this important work towards taking SONA to new statures.

I am thrilled to lead a very dynamic, motivated and committed team for 2020 & 2021. We pledge that SONA’s fraternity shall be sustained at all times and we shall work towards a better environment for all of us.  In addition, my involvement at SONA as CSR Chair with the 11th to the 13th EC; as well as my 4 years of experience as the President of “Society of Consulting Architectural and Engineering Firms” (SCAEF) shall have an additional contribution towards gratifying the goals of SONA.  I will, however, also seek the guidance and assurance of the Council of Presidents and Senior Architects in our achievements. 

President 14th EC

For our term, we have planned to focus ourselves on a few significant issues, namely:

1. Creating opportunities to prepare the younger generation for leadership preambles.

2. Earnestly put work on policy towards evolving a resilient market for a conducive proper architectural practice. 

3. Cultivate a beneficial platform for architects/architectural firms to lead in architectural projects invited by for by the government.

4. Build a strong relation with the Government Departments / Ministries.

5. Pursue on the legalization of the Council of Architects. 

6. Enhance the understanding of Architects being an independent discipline.

7. Focus on creating collaborations with established formal/non-formal groups of internationally based Nepali architects, including forming partnerships with similar international local architectural societies, therein.

8. Holding exhibitions together with hosting at least two international or regional conferences on topics for architectural learning/maturity. 

9. Establish architectural award/recognition ceremony: Students and Professionals.

10. Endure for the betterment of Architects Speak Forum.

11. Prospects for Women in Architecture.

12. Establishing a database and thereby growing the membership, through suitable arrangements for fresh architects, appealing to architects in different parts of the country including inviting membership to internationally based Nepali architects. 

13. Positive interaction with architectural education institutes in making it practical for professional services.

14. Establish a strong impact on the presence of SONA in all scenarios amongst our international societies: ASRCASIA/UIA; the government; professional societies; supportive well-wishers: corporates/product vendors; and most importantly the Society, at large.  

My Team is vivid, brilliant and eager to take off with the Sub-Committees already discussing the way forward and execution. 

Our commitment/response to the disturbing pandemic COVID 19, is reflected by our contribution to the designs of isolation centers at Kirtipur Municipality, Bungamati, and also prototype designs of isolation centers. 

Let’s gather together in uplifting the status of  Architecture, Architects, and SONA by sharing, solving, and innovating for a sustainable bright future. Thank you.