SCYA aims to foster the young architects and provide necessary  support and guidance and conduct various  programs and activities that will be benificial for young architects. 



Ar. Sugandha Subedi



Ar. Sabin Maharjan



Ar. Lokendra Acharya (Treasurer, SONA)



Ar. Anup Chhetri

Ar. Reema Maharjan

Ar. Sabin Shilpakar

Ar. Sadar Bhandari

Ar. Binita Dangol

Ar. Rakshya Shrestha

Ar. Bidushi Poudyal





SONA Committee on Young Architects
Goal To engage, empower and mentor young architects while exchaning the knowledge and experience of young architects amongst themselves and with senior architects 
Objectives To encourage participation in SONA activities through various forms of formal and informal engagements. 
To mentor young architects in various dimensions as in professional growth and practice. 
To provide a shared platform for young architects to voice their ideas and innovations. 
Action Plan / Activities   Time Frame Resources and Assumptions Remarks
Conduct Webinars on various subjects. 
• Experience Sharing (Senior –Junior)
• Orientation and discussion on various contemporary issues
• Mentorship 
• Career Counselling
• Further Education
• Internship Discussion
Through out the year In collaboration with  Senior Architects and others.   
Organizing various design competition, sport events, musical competition and other extra architecture activities to promote engagement within the community.  October/ November (Every Year)   some programs could be paid/ and sponsers collected from vendors and supplilers. 
Conducting various trainings and workshops on: 
- Startups and Office management
-Building Services
-Accounting and PPMO
-Software Orientation
Through out the year In collaboration with government officials, Senior Architects and professional from others field.  some programs could be paid/ and sponsers collected from vendors and supplilers. 
Coordination with various programs related with ARCASIA (ACYA) in promoting active participation of Nepali Young Architects.  Through out the year In collaboration with ARCASIA and further organizations.   
Output/ Outcome        
Heritage Walks, Cycling or Marathone in awareness of architects and architecture  
Webinars and Talk Programs related with various architecture conservation and disaster related issues.       
Guidelines, Standards and Prototype in case of emergency situations.       
Advocating and promoting public amenities such as parks, river front development, public spaces through SONA Design competitions.      
Webinars bringing advocates from non-architecture community to collaborate in various issues.