SONA AWARD for Architecture Excellence 2022

August 26, 2022


SONA AWARD for Architecture Excellence 2022


for Architecture Excellence 2022


In order to honor and recognize the achievement of architectural excellence in practice and in keeping with its noble objective of further developing and supporting the profession of architecture in Nepal, the 14th Executive Committee (2021-2023) of the Society of Nepalese Architects – SONA - is pleased to announce the institution of the SONA AWARD for architectural excellence.

After the successful recognition of architecture projects in 2 categories last year, 2021, the SONA Architecture Excellence AWARD hopes to be a hallmark beginning of a new era of recognition and celebration of architecture in Nepal.

The key objective of this award is to recognize the excellence and quality achieved in a built architectural project in terms of architecture’s defining principles and dimensions of human purpose, aesthetics, and technology; story-telling, innovation, and imagination; services, energy, and ecology and/or contribution to localism, regionalism or globalism as the case may be.

SONA, through this very notification, is calling for appropriate nominations of eligible building and architecture projects for the SONA AWARDS – for Architecture 2022.

The SONA AWARD will be awarded annually and presented as a key event in the SONA ANNUAL DAY celebrations. All buildings built in the territory of Nepal after 1990 (SONA Establishment Year) and before the end of 2021 are eligible for nomination.


The awards are envisaged in two categories as defined by the total floor area built:


Category A: A building with total built up area less than 1000 sq. M.   


Category B: A building with total built up area more than 1000 sq. M.  


Category C: A Residential Building with any built-up area.



Any building with a claim towards architectural excellence and quality may be nominated. The nomination may be made by the building designer and/or architect of his/her/own project/projects or one may also nominate other designer and/or architect’s building if they deem the contribution of such works in Nepalese architecture landscape as worthy of the award. 

It will be an obligation of the nominating person or institution to present a complete set of visual information/documents on the building of its nomination. The information will be submitted as per specification made below. All information is to be understood as submitted for evaluation by a jury appointed by SONA for the SONA AWARD.


DEADLINES  and Submissions


All required documents shall be submitted no later than 17:00, 17th of October, 2022.

Please submit all email no later than the submission deadlines. Any submissions beyond the deadline shall not be considered.

Submissions shall be made at




All submissions shall be forwarded to the panel of juries after the coding and decoding done by the SONA Architecture Award Committee. The committee works independently and reserves all rights regarding the evaluation of the award, including the right to reject all application if deemed necessary. SONA assures its membership and all nominating parties of the professional credibility and respectability of the JURY Committee. 



1.    Project information

·         Project name

·         Project address (Google Image is preferrable)

·         Dates (Project Start-Completion)

·         Gross Built Up area in sq. M.

·         Client’s Name

·         Contractor’s Name


2.    Architect’s Detail

·         Studio’s Name (If Not, Write N/A)

·         Principal Architect’s or Designer’s Name*

·         SONA Membership number of Member

·         Address


If you worked in collaboration with another practice or architect, you must all be in agreement on the entry and how the building should be credited.

*One need not be registered architect or engineer to be the principal designer of the project.

3.    Project description

A short statement (500 words) on how the building contributes to and meets the principles of architecture in its multiple dimensions is required. The statement may include design constraints, materials or construction innovation or special consideration that jury might not find in other supplementary documents.

4.    Images

Entrants are required to submit the following:

o    A minimum of 8 up to 12 JPEG images, with a minimum width and/or height of 2000 Pixels and 300 dpi (max file size is 10MB)

o    These images must convey the way in which the project relates to its context, as these images are used for judging purposes.

o    The images should consist of interior, exterior and contextual landscape of the project.

o    Each image should be due credited to the photographer.

o    Photo manipulations are strictly prohibited.

5.    Drawings

Entrants must upload a B/W drawing files comprising of followings:

o    Location plan (showing the project in context, e.g., 1:1250)

o    Site plan

o    Ground floor plan (1:100) *

o    Remaining floor plans

o    Two sections

o    Two elevations


*Please bear in mind the jury will be reading the drawings on A3 paper and on screen, so landscape orientation is preferred if possible. Drawings shall be submitted as the final construction is completed.

6.    Video:

Entrants are required to submit the following:

·         Video of the project including the exterior and interior of the project (not longer than 5 minutes).

·         The video shall not include any additional voice overs or manipulative graphics.



For any clarity or confusion regarding the submission, please write us at