SONA Minimum Consulting Fee

March 24, 2022

Consulting fee

SONA Minimum Consulting Fee

As an umbrella organization of all practicing architects, it is our responsibility to safeguard our professional and intellectual rights. In this front, we’ve recently endorsed a “standard contract agreement document” that one can easily use as a standard contract format for their professional works. We’ve also endorsed the minimum consulting fees for various building types, where one can take the reference for their new project. We strongly believe that these documents will help freshers along with established firms to strengthen their professional integrity. 





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SONA Minimum Consulting Fee




1. The minimum consulting fee proposed in this list proposed based on the standard practice evaluating the market consulting prices. However, one may charge more based on the scope of works and years of expertise on the field.


2. Cost distribution amongst fellow professional is based on the standard practices and may vary based on the complexities of expertise required in certain fields. 


3. The cost doesn't include the cost of site survey, geotechnical investigations, social surveys or any other tasks beyond the scopes.