World Habitat Day 2012

September 06, 2012

World Habitat Day 2012

 A day for grassroots action throughout the world, starting in your community. In December 1985, the United Nations General Assembly declared the first Monday in October to be World Habitat Day.

The purpose

  1. To call attention to the need for better shelter around the world.
  2. To let it be known that affordable, adequate housing should be a priority everywhere.
  3. To change the systems, policies and attitudes that lead to poverty housing, and involve partners in solutions.



” Changing Cities, Building Opportunities

The World Habitat Day 2012 is going to be organised on the first Monday of the October which happens to be October 1st,2012 this year. This year the theme is ” Changing Cities, Building Opportunities”.

Event: 1

Exhibition of stakeholders
Venue: DUDBC Premises.
Date: 30th September, 2012.
Time: 10 AM TO 5 PM.
Event: 2
Formal Program (Inaugural Session + Technical Session)
Venue:  (Invitees only)  
Date: 1st October, 2012.
Time: 8:30 AM TO3:30 PM.