Green and Sustainable Poster Design Competition

SONA committee on Green and Sustainable Architecture (SCGSA) organized the 'POSTER DESIGN COMPETITION 2017' in October month of 2017. The competition was open to all the ARCASIA member countries where Architects needed to showcase the important constructed SUSTAINABLE buildings categorized on 'Green and Sustainable Architecture' compiled in a poster format with creative graphical composition.  

SCGSA is in the process to make 'Ecologically Responsive Architecture(ERA) Guidelines' and ARCASIA Committee on Green and Sustainable Architecture (ACGSA) has already done the exhibition of Sustainable Projects by its member countries during ARCASIA Jaipur 2017. So, the poster design competition intended to continue the effort to have an update on relevant projects by the ARCASIA member countries and to motivate Nepalese Architects towards the Sustainable Architecture in practice. 

The winner of the 'POSTER DESIGN COMPETITION 2017' is Ar. Md. Jubair Hasan(ARCHEGROUND Ltd.). Ar. Hasan had presented his project 'LOOM SHED FOR AMBER DENIM' in the poster where he states,'The project attempts to create a traditional crafted tropical modern factory building.'