Current President's Message

A hearty good day to all our SONA members,

Thank you all for believing in me, heartfelt gratitude for having elected me as the president of the 13th Executive committee of SONA. I congratulate all my committee members as well and look forward to a very formative two years ahead of us where we have pledged to move ahead with unity and dedication for the up gradation of Architecture, Architects and all the multiple Diasporas related to us.

The trust of the fraternity on our entire team, the responsibility to meet the demands put forth, and the helping hands meted out towards us will motivate and drive us during our tenure to achieve more positivity in the national and international arenas.

We are forever thankful to our advisory board of past presidents, general secretaries and all architects from the bureaucracy, government sector, academicians, private practitioners and founders of SONA for always guiding the organization along the right pathway.

The new ideas and thoughts shared by our aspiring young architects have opened up a plethora of interesting activities that can help in building awareness of our professional need and integrity amongst the general mass. We will strive for intense advocacy of our professional rights with help from all in the fraternity.

Some of our vision that we shall strive to achieve:

  • Strong advocacy towards formulation of Architects act and council.
  • Advocacy for solving the problematic issue of multiple licensing that we have been facing to date in all the municipalities.
  • Opening up the various opportunities of participating in international forums for all SONA members.
  • Advocacy for architects to be posted in all local bodies for an inclusive approach to provide better solutions to public needs in terms of shelter and local development.
  • Opening up Provincial chapters in remaining 5 provinces.
  • Equal representation of gender for important decision making.
  • Close interaction between academicians and professional practitioners to work together in enhancing the quality of education and practice.
  • Increased awareness amongst general public about the importance of the architects’ role in building better cities and better living environments.

As architects/SONA members, let us all pursue and follow the ethics of practice and let us henceforth move ahead as, all for one and one for all. Our strength is our creativity, let us all strive to showcase it to the best possible. We can do it.

United we can conquer


Warm Regards

Ar. Anju Malla Pradhan

President (13th EC) SONA

Society of Nepalese Architects