Society Of Nepalese Architects (SONA)


 The devastating earthquake struck the nation on 25 April 2015, measured in the magnitude of 7.9 Reciter Scale, resulting unimaginable destruction of buildings and infrastructure, historically important built-heritage and large number of human lives. As you are all aware of the fact that SONA and its member architects are involved in relief operation from the ‘Day-1’, mobilizing volunteer architects for relief operation, including distribution of relief materials, debris removable/ clearance, rapid assessment of damaged buildings, documentation, type designs for reconstruction works. Similarly, SONA has initiated fundraising for relief operation by whatever we can contribute personally.

In this connection, SONA would like to appeal all its member architects for contribution in this time of national crisis by contributing in cash or kind to support for Earthquake Relief Operation in Nepal by contacting SONA Secretariat. We strongly appeal all its member architects for maintaining strong professional ethics in this difficult situation by volunteering in Rapid Visual Assessment of Damaged Buildings designed by oneself and being jointly carried out with Nepal Engineering Association (NEA).


Ar. Kishore Thapa

President, SONA