Featured Project

Demo House at Paropakar

Posted On: November 20, 2017

After the Gorkha Earthquake in April 2015, the demand for cost-effective houses has increased in both rural and urban areas of Nepal. Furthermore, the socio-economic context of Nepalese Society also calls for the cost-effective but safer and healthier building technologies for at least residential buildings. The shelter is the basic human right and we, architects, need to respond to this through our expertise so as to play our role in building better settlements and societies. In that context, Society of Nepalese Architects (SONA) along with Shelter and Local Technology Development Centre (SLTDC) had proposed to construct a demonstration building in Kathmandu so that people will be informed about the innovative technology for utilizing in the construction of their own houses. The demonstration building uses the innovative cost-effective technology developed by SLTDC. The construction of demonstration building is taking place at the premise of Paropakar Organization at Bhimsensthan. The building will be later used as the community health center.

Materials and Technology

The demonstration building is being constructed using the green and cost-effective technologies such as:
     - Hollow Concrete Block Masonry wall system, which is cost-effective and maintains internal temperature
     - Partial precast beams and slabs, which reduces cost of formwork
     - Precast steps for staircase
     - Masonry projection Chaukhot instead of timber frame in openings
     - Compressed Stabilized Earthen Block (CSEB) flooring system which is sustainable and cost-effective
     - Use of horizontal and vertical reinforcement bars at various necessary positions