President’s Message

Posted On: September 07, 2017


My fellow Architects,

First of all, I take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude and sincere thanks to all the Members of the society of Nepalese Architects (SONA) for having elected me to this position of SONA President of the 12-executive committee.  Also, I congratulate all the members of 12 executive committee on being elected in their different post

While I am fully aware of the heavy responsibility involved at the same time I am sure that with the wholehearted support of my executive committee members and advisory board members and the co-operation of all the members I shall be able to fulfill the aspirations of members of the SONA, in the true professional sprit and we shall all continue to work together towards professional togetherness.

The profession of the Architecture takes care of one of the most basic needs of mankind, “ the shelter”for every activity on this earth.. As defined profession of “Architecture is way of living” thus in this era of change, SONA should establish the distinct identity of Architecture in Nepalese society by establishing Architectural value in the society...

While looking ahead we not only have to bring it to logical conclusion all that is in the pipeline, but SONA has a vision that should more than match the challenges that lie ahead in the coming years

Some of the programs that we envision during our tenure include

  • To take further concrete steps to safeguard public interest in Urban Affairs not only in the Metropolitan Cities but also in small towns across the country
  • To make conscious efforts to look after the problems of the Employed Architect in Government and Private Sector and to improve their service conditions
  • To strengthen and develop liaison with school of Architect, Universities and work for achieving higher standards in Architectural Education
  • To arrange conferences and seminars to evolve a National Opinion on Architects Role, create public awareness and also to secure effective representation on local Authorities to formulate / update development regulations and building bye-laws
  • To establish regional chapters of SONA in major cities such as Pokhara, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj and Birgunj.
  • To organize ARCASIA round table on relevant topics such as Green and Sustainable Architecture, Professional Practice.etc and also to activate SONA members for their  participation in different  international programs organized by member countries
  • To make SONA Website an effective and nodal mean of communication to be successful in reaching out to Architects and all concerned

The society, the Government and public opinion are also very much part of our world. To realize our goals it is necessary to guide and sometime also pressure the decision making level with our active participation at Government implementation program. SONA is fully conscious of the problems faced by the Architects particularly in regard to tendering, competitions and practice of profession by non-Architects. There is an urgent need of a proactive approach by all the Architects in a spirit of togetherness to ensure that the right to practice the profession lawfully restricted to architects only as in the case of other professions such as medicine. Law, Medicine etc,

Fellow Architects, it is time to start thinking positive and start doing positive as we cannot wait for someone to start, something to happen. It is true that it is difficult but is not impossible to achieve whatever we think or whatever we together aim for.

I am sure, with the continued sense of professional togetherness included in the recent past and also with your active participation and interest in the policies and programmers of the SONA, we shall be able to meet the challenges not only of the contemporary era but also that lie ahead in the coming decades.


Thank you.

Prof. Suman Vaidya


12 Executive Committee