GOAL: Establish Nepal architects’ council through act, Advocate for amendments to the consultant’s selection criteria for hiring of consulting service and Monitor compliance of architectural practice with the extant policies (bye-laws and building )

Chairman Ar. Rajendra Khatiwada
Co-Chairman Ar. Raju Neupane
Vice President


Ar. Yekraj Adhikari 


Co-Ordinator Ar. Astha Acharya (Executive Member, SONA)


Ar. Rita Kafle

Ar. Suman Maharjan

Ar. Janak Raj Joshi

Ar. Parikshya Singh

Ar. Asmita Khanal




SONA Committee on Policy and Council Advocacy
Goal To advocate for Nepal Architect's Council while monitoring compliance of architecture practice through legal lenses. 
Objectives To carry out (identified) advocacy  for establishing  the Nepal Architects’ Council through Act through different stakeholders and available networks
To monitor the implementation of Architectural policies and guidelines formulated/ implemented by government. 
To sensitize the architectural professional groups, professionals and other allied groups identifying issues which instigates the architectural principles and profession of the country 
Action Plan / Activities   Time Frame Resources and Assumptions Remarks
Conduct various formal and informal discussions with stakeholders regarding council advocacy.  Through out the year In collaboration with  Senior Architects and other government bodies.  Meet with Parliamentarians, Line Ministries
Proposal for amendments to the criteria for consultant’s selection process in hiring of consulting service while elevating the relationship with government bodies.  October/ November (Every Year) Conduct workshops and meetings.   
Advocate for the architectural quality control  in architectural consulting works through enhancement of scope of work Through out the year    
To work on contemporary issues, (for e.g. the COVID Guidelines) for the necessary policy interventions, in case of any emergency conditions, as deemed necessary. Through out the year In collaboration with CSR and other SCs.   
Output/ Outcome        
MOU with various government bodies- DUDBC and others.   
Changes in architecture firm selection criteria      
Inclusion of SONA representatives in major architectural work