This committee aims to establish communication with fellow architects, architecture students, and personals from various other fields, and introduce architecture proffession and SONA to general public by conducting exhibitions, workshops and through social media and website.This committee will also carryout the publication work of SONA.


Chairman Ar. Subik Kumar Shrestha


Ar. Anil Bhattarai


Co-Ordinator Ar. Kaushal Shrestha (Executive Member, SONA)


Ar. Suman Dhakal

Ar. Udgam Lohani

Ar. Monila Shrestha




SONA Committee on Communication, Outreach and Publication
Goal To share, connect and explore dimensions of SONA within the community and beyond.
Objectives To aware about the SONA Activities to the SONA Members and beyond the architecture community. 
To regularly maintain the publication platform for output of various sub-committees and SONA Executives. 
Action Plan / Activities   Time Frame Resources and Assumptions Remarks
Regular Publishing of:
- Regular News Letter (Every 2 Months)
-Photo Magazine (Every 6 Months)
Through out the year In collaboration with young architects and students.   
Publish research paper, books, leaflets and various contents based on the output of other sub-committees. The SC shall coordinate with all other SCs.  Through out the year    
Mainting the existing website of SONA (Official) while updating membership Database and exploring the various aspects of SONA Websites (Magazine).  Through out the year In collaboration with  sponsers and contributers.   In this sections SONA intend to collect more than 20 Lakh sponsers. 
-Communication with other members organizations and activists for joint events for cause.
-(10+2) Students   through webinars to make them aware about architecture practice and SONA. 
Through out the year In collaboration with Colleges, Schools and Architects Volunteers and in coordination with CSR.   
Publication and printing  of calenders, leaflets, brochures and notebooks.  Through out the year In collaboration with sponsers.   
Output/ Outcome        
Newsletter and Photo magazine  
Notebooks, Pencils and other merchandise.       
Updated Websites and membership database.       
Cycling, marathon or other events.