SCAE aims to sensitize the educational institutes (Faculty Members and Students) to participate in SONA’s reform initiatives and to create a synergy between academic domain of SONA and architectural institutes improving the quality and design of educational environment.


Chairman Ar. Sanjaya Uprety


Ar. Sweta Shrestha


Vice President Ar. Dilli Ram Sapkota (VP Education)


Ar. Arjun Basnet (Secretary, SONA)



Ar. Anju Malla Pradhan

Ar. Sankalpa Pokhrel

Ar. Bishwodev Bhattarai

Ar. Jagdish Chandra Joshi

Ar. Yam Prasad Rai

Ar. Alina Bajracharya

Ar. Sony Pandey

Ar. Rajhav Syangdan

Ar. Sunibha Kayastha

Ar. Barsha Shrestha

Ar. Samikshya Kadel

Ar. Sashi Mandal




SONA Committee on Architecture Education  
Goal To sensitize the educational institutes (Faculty Members and Students) to participate in SONA’s reform initiatives and to create a synergy between academic domain of SONA and architectural institutes improving the quality and design of educational environments
Objectives To work closely with architecture departments while creating a conducive environment to exchange knowledge, experience and expertise within or outside the faculty. 
To build strong communication between the academician and other professionals through various workshops and series. 
To promote architecture student's engagement in activities of SONA. 
Action Plan / Activities   Time Frame Resources and Assumptions Remarks
Exchange of information through various workshops in between architecture faculties and also with professionals outside the academia.  6 Months Invite 5 faculty members from each colleges and conduct a knowledge exchange scope including some professionals from the field.  Once a year, budgeting could be from the funding of architecture institutions and other product fundings. 
Interaction program of academicians with practicing professional, client and other professional societies offering mutual exchange and dissemination of knowledge and experience on Architectural education. Every Year The program shall focus on mutual exchanege of knowledge between  professional architects and academicians. Program shall encourage wider debate in the education community by increasing contacts between professional societies and architecture institutions.  
Workshop with subject committee members from different universities and review the undergraduate curriculum and course content to work on architecture education shortcomings. yearly Suggestions shall be forwarded to respective University by the representative of subject committee attending the workshop. 2 Onine and 1 physical workshops shall be organized 
Documentations and Publications of book of a compiled document of research carried (Semester Projects- Conservation Studio) out by students, reviewed by teachers and other External reviewers. Every Year Coordinate with faculty member of conservation studio of each architecture college For workshops. 
Organize an Architecture Lecture series with 10 episodes after working in a Architecture Thematic Series.  Series of 8-10 Episodes in 2 years Architecture lecture series will be caried out as a project scripting with senior architects exploring the architecture theory in relation with progression of Nepalese Architecture.   
Initiation of online magazine inviting both students and faculties to submit their research works on different categories based on their academic work and publication of selected project.   Submission shall be called through student association representative of respective colleges in coordination with architecture department.  
  Reserving participation of student’s associations in the Sub-committees meeting, discuss their agendas and to organize several programs on architectural issues in the departments (like workshops, conferences, exhibitions, and so on) under full participation of students and professionals.  Per semester/                6 months  Program shall provide an opportunity to architecture student to participate/volunteer in different programs organized by SONA. Priority shall be given to colleges willing to collaborate with SONA
Engage Architecture students through program as Best Architecture Student Awards and National Level Student's Exhibition for students.  yearly Shall be carried out in relation with department representatives.  Includes the cost of workshops and student's exhibitions along with best architecture students/Thesis Award. 
Output/ Outcome        
Digital library (Website) compiling all academic and professional informations  
Yearly publication of studio work related to heritage conservation in the form of book/journals.      
Celebrate the efforts of architecture students by showcasing their research and creativity through annual exhibition and recognition to honour best architecture student's accomplishment for each academic year.      
10 Webinars to address the education status