SCSR aims to advocate for conservation of the built architectural heritage and also for the development of disaster resilient architecture and settlement. And to make people aware about architecture, role of architects and impact of architecture on society.



Chairman Ar. Navin Devkota


Ar. Ananda Manandhar

Ar. Suyog Kayastha




Ar. Abhishek Bajracharya (Joint Secretary, SONA)



Ar. Anatta Shresthacharya

Ar. Liza Singh

Ar. Pratima Shrestha

Ar. Sunibha Kayastha

Ar. Suraj Khanal

Ar. Samriddhi Shrestha

Ar. Kiran Joshi

Ar. Amit Bajracharya

Ar. Gaurav Shrestha

Ar. Milan Bagale



Ar. Rajesh Thapa

Ar. Suraj Khanal



SONA Committee on Social Responsibility
Goal To sensitize, aware and advocate in conservation and preservation of architecture, architecture heritage, while sensitizing and contributing to the society through various volunteer works
Objectives To encourage and promote in preservation of architectural heritage along with intangible heritages associated with it.
To conduct various workshops and carry out activities in relation with  Understanding disaster risk to create resilient architecture and settlements.
To involve in various awareness program   about architecture, role of architects and impact of architecture on society.
Action Plan / Activities   Time Frame Resources and Assumptions Remarks
Conducting Heritage walk: Brief tour of heritage area / traditional settlement by a combination of Architect and non-architect. Twice a Year Such programs could be organized in association with Yough Architects and Publication Committee.   
Conducting Webinar (Series): Knowledge and experience sharing of people involved (architects, engineers, community leaders, contractors, carpenters, masons etc.) in heritage reconstruction and reconstruction.  Through out the year Involvement of all the stakeholders (DoA, UNESCO, Local government, NRA, heritage experts.)  
Responding with various means, guidelines and standards during the emergency situations as Post Disaster, COVID-19 or any other unforseen situations.  Anytime.  In collaboration with ARCASIA and further organizations.   
Coordinating with  governments, non-government organizations and various institutions in promotion and advocacy of architecture related issues.  Anytime.     
To conduct workshops, trainings , talk program, publication on various awareness campaigns and issues.  Every Year Through Webinars, Research Architects and exchange programs and partnership building For various workshops and Publications
Output/ Outcome        
Heritage Walks, Cycling or Marathone in awareness of architects and architecture  
Webinars and Talk Programs related with various architecture conservation and disaster related issues.       
Guidelines, Standards and Prototype in case of emergency situations.       
Advocating and promoting public amenities such as parks, river front development, public spaces through SONA Design competitions.      
Webinars bringing advocates from non-architecture community to collaborate in various issues.