• Headed a jury team for Ganatantra Stambha design competition

Headed a jury team for Gantatntra Stambha design competition work along with other stakeholders like DUDBC, NEA, SCAEF. Since the SONA was not very optimistic about the designated location of the proposed project, SONA had a series of meetings with the professional bodies other than DUDBC to make a proper assessment of the designated location in the light of archeological importance, the significance of the open space in the context of congested area of city core, and also dwelt about negative impact of the encroachment of public space by the government for different public activities in the name of people desire and participation. During the course of discussion in several meeting it was realized the appropriate solution would be relocation of the project itself and it was communicated to the DUDBC and Nepal government accordingly. The competition was terminated and Government of Nepal put a public notice for the same in an alternative location.

  • South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation of Architects

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation of Architects. ( 2012 Feb 9 to 12) Saarch- council meeting and conference , Thimpu, Bhutan organized by BIA(Bhutan Institute of Architects) .

The team of members of SONA participated the conference and participants are President Mr.Swarup G. Koney, Mrs. Ganga Koney, Gen. Secretary Debesh Bhattarai, Mrs, Bhattarai, Past president Binod Neupane, Ar. Prajwal hada, Mrs. Hada, Ar. Amit Bajracharya, Ar. Bhagawat Bhakta Khokhali, Ar. Sanjog Karmacharya, Ar.Sarosh Pradhan .