Architect Speaks



 Dear fellow Architects,

It’s our great pleasure to introduce our first program “Architect Speaks” on behalf of 12th SONA Executive Committee. We take this opportunity as an invitation for members of our architecture community to share differing perspectives and practices in the hopes of enabling our communities to move together.

Architect Speaks seeks to present a platform for senior architects, practicing architects and emerging architects to share their experiences, vision and goal regarding the architecture future of Nepal and in global context. The platform seeks to acknowledge the dedication of all our senior architects who have been practicing and preaching architecture for more than decades.

Do you want to express your voice for upgrading our architecture community? Do you want to express your dissatisfaction or frustration over architecture practice? Or you want to propose some innovative way forward for the architecture society in coming days?

Architect Speaks will provide you the voice to your words.

Please contact us at if you want to be the speaker with your abstract/ concept, we’ll contact you right away for further procedures.

Architect Speaks_Welcome Note of First Architect Speaks Series by our Executive Member Apil K.C. 

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