Discussion held of Rani Pokhari Conservation Campaign

Meeting with Prof. Dr. Sudarshan Raj Tiwari and Prof. Rajesh Thapa sir regarding SONA’s future activities especially focused on Social Responsibility Sub-committee. The discussion was enlightening in the sense that EC members shared their curiosity regarding their role in Rani Pokhari Conservation Campaign.

In the while, the meeting concluded that stakeholder discussion will be held sooner including metropolitan city, archeology department, DUDBC and other relevant stakeholders in coming days.

If you have any information and suggestion regarding SONA’s role or any relevant information regarding the topic, please write to us at sona2047@gmail.com

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Regarding Design Submission to National Reconstruction Authority (NRA)

We had a very fruitful meeting with the NRA chief Prof. Dr. Govinda Raj Pokhrel initiated by Ar. Susan Vaidya (chairperson SONA Committee for Young Architects).

Meeting of SONA Executives with NRA CEO- Dr. Govinda Raj Pokharel

With constraints and pressure on the Beurocracy as is where is, he has agreed to extend the time-frame for submissions of Architectural design proposals by 5 more days for rural reconstruction modules.His main concern was on the aesthetic value of the design to ensure that our rural ethnicity is not disturbed as it is the mainstream in supporting the tourism industry. A good and practical solution for roofing as a better option to the CGI Sheets is mandatory in all upcoming proposals, stressing on the use of indigenous local material.
So, with reference to the meeting, SONA Sub-Committee on Professional Practice(SSCPP) and SONA Sub-Committee on Social Responsibility(SCSR) would like to call upon all SONA members to send in their proposals with the cost estimate within the limits of NPR. Four Hundred Thousand (NPR. 4,00,000). The design credit for approved designs has been confirmed at this initial stage.
This is an opportunity for our professionals to contribute to the best of their ability to minimize the steel and concrete haphazard use that is going on in the villages. We need to contribute with full dedication to leave a mark and to manifest our professional strength to the society at large.
Mandatory requirements:
     – The participant has to be a SONA member.
     – The participant has to be registered with Nepal Engineering Council (NEC).
     – All proposals have to be submitted to SONA office by 12 noon, 14th Magh,          2073(26th Jan, 2017).
     – 1 set of hardcopy in A3 size to be submitted to SONA office.
SONA  Co-ordination sub-committee (NRA)
     – Ar. Anju Malla Pradhan
     – Ar. Binaya R. Shrestha
     – Ar. Arjun Basnet
     – Ar. Suraj Khanal

2nd National Architectural Exhibition

Dear Sir/Madam,

With the objective of promoting the works of Architects in the society and making general public aware about Architecture and its role in the development of society,  SONA is organizing 2nd National Architectural Exhibition on 30th Bhadra  – 1st Ashoj, 2073  with the theme ‘Architecture for Us’.

Therefore, it would be very nice of you to have your participation in the exhibition and to have your projects exhibited. The form for the participation and details are attached herewith.